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Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness

Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness performance

Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness

“Killem With Kindness”

Yo Yo, this is for all my Progressive Thinkers

[Verse 1]
Cautious with the image that I’m givin’
What used to be appealin’ is the shit that I’m resentin’
Feel like I ain’t livin’, I’m dealin’ with so much
On the low, I’m actin’ tough, but I ain’t been happy in a minute
And what’s crazy is this is just the beginning
Ridin’ ’round Vegas tryna build my foundation
That immediate happiness is awaitin’
But I feel it’s overrated, I’m keepin’ a clear conscience
I just wanna do my own thing
A good heart
But what if I’m out here fightin’ for the wrong things?
Became a daddy and started watching my behaviour
Helpin’ niggas out, but niggas runnin’ out of favours
It ain’t about the paper, it’s about what you gon’ do with it
You on your music tup, but tell me, is you the creator?
These niggas don’t know how to act
I should’ve been a school counselor
To see what they’d get out of that
All I wanna do is help, if it’s a little
Got up in this game to really try and make a change
Wanna settle down, but this shit is so confusin’
I’m just goin’ through a stage where I’m learnin’ how to be brave
Fuck a phase, this is life, all I need is me
Look into my daughter’s eyes and then I get the water eyes
If I die, I pray to God she know her father tried, word…

‘Cause we just wanna our lives
Embraced faith, went against all odds
In our eyes, to judge niggas, that is not our job
To be a man, it is not that hard
We gon’ kill ‘em with kindness
When they try to take you out your comfort zone
Ayo, it’s time to be a man, understand, we gon’ kill ‘em with kindness
And you know you gotta fuckin’ hold your own
Can’t let them take us away from the fam’
We gon’ kill ‘em with kindness

[Verse 2]
Now I’m thinkin’ in reality
Actually, I was thinkin’ ’bout stability
I watched my single mother’s feet hurt for years
Just to barely pay the bills – I don’t know, that shit’s killin’ me
But I don’t wanna live like that
Mama, I don’t wanna see you live like that
I told my little brothers we can build a new life
For the ones that gave us life, we can give that back
I know we… tend to hold grudges
I can’t control it, I’m unfolding the emotion that I’m holdin’
Hope the way I saw it ain’t the way I won’t approach it
I’m just focussed on the better me, this rap shit is my pedigree
Lately I’ve been feelin’ like testin’ me
She say she down, and she say she wanna ride
Release the need to please or be validated by eyes
In disguise, I’m just focussed on what makes me come alive
I’ve learned not to take nothin’ personal
Bad environments have been my disadvantage
Not tryna be accepted, it stepped me out of my box
And now these niggas watch me like I got all of the answers
But this is what I’ve built for myself
Realistic, always had to keep it real with myself
So when they talk, and it’s negative or it’s false
We channel out the negative thoughts without any help


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